"One Pill" video spot — script draft:

One Pill instantly lowers collective blood pressure overnight - Universal Single-Payer Health Care System campaign draft site
JUST ONE PILL!— the SCRIPT is in black text below.

[ dark screen at the top of which appears a sequence of tormented images: sleeplessness, tossing and turning in bed, sweaty, stressed expression, backache, headache, etc. Voice-overs and moving, shimmering labels for each condition. ]

Tired of fidgeting, sleeplessness, and tension from stress and anxiety about finance and health?

There is a remedy today that can remove much of that stress … from night to day.

[ silhouetted pill bottle begins to appear in mid-lower half of screen; we can dimly see a label with details ]

One pill that can relieve the aches and pains, stomach knotting, and gastric discomfort due to uncertainty and tension caused by mounting medical bills...overnight!

For decades, drug companies have led Americans to believe that "just one pill" would solve their problems. Well, THIS time ... it's true!

What "pill" can that be?

[ --> Pill bottle turns around as lights come up on it; label reads: ]


[ voice contiunues ... ]

Want to see your anxieties and those of most Americans diminish like magic?

Take this pill, and when the sun comes up tomorrow,
  • the collective blood pressure of millions of Americans will have dropped like never before!
  • Far fewer medications will be needed — starting tomorrow!

When morning comes, America will experience a "health surge" as never before.

Single-Payer Health Care! It's THAT easy!

Right now, tens of thousands of supposedly "insured" people die needlessly each year from lack of health care. Tens of Thousands! We can stop this epidemic right now. And it won't cost us a penny more than we now spend.

Yes! Single-Payer won't cost us a dime more, and will guarantee everyone coverage AND treatment. It won't be attached to your job or employer anymore. It's like a family-friendly Medicare For All!

America's Health cannot be kept "off the table" any longer!

Drug and Insurance Companies spend a fortune — using your money — to convince you this isn't so. Don't believe their hype anymore!

Go to OnePill.org and tell Congress "We want and need Single-Payer!"

One Single Remedy! Fast-acting! Amazing Results! [ bold text on screen ]

[ REAL doctor in scrubs (name appears) looks into camera and says: ]

"Just what the doctor ordered for America's Health — Single-Payer!"


[ Warnings spoken somewhat quickly, in low voice, like disclaimers in TV ads. ]

Will NOT cause headaches, vomiting, diarreah, bankruptcies, debt, sterility or premature death.

MAY cause, elation, euphoria, smiling, leaping, kissing, unexpected sense of well-being, and other often uncommonly empowering feelings.

[ images of sunrise, smiling faces, families enjoying themselves in the countryside, etc. — healthy contentment in general (remember that?). ]